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    ..Any card and say something. Whatever comes to mind. It can be an anecdote, a memory, a secret, a ditty. A story can be told in as little as a few words and there’s no need to judge. Our words are surely a worthwhile expression of us and where we’re at!


    Tabella cards can be useful prompts for daily reflection and intention setting. We can select cards around what we’d like to bring into our day – a desire, a goal, a procrastinated task. Perhaps the chosen card will simply contain the waft of a notion we wish to ponder while going about our daily business.

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    Everyone chooses one or more that hint at what’s been going on for us and we share from our hearts. As parents, we can formulate questions to guide our children’s conversations toward points of interest or concern. The meaningful dialogue prompted might reference any dreams, ideas, events, emotional states or feelings that we wish to share.


    Tabella cards make a fabulous inclusion into any brainstorming session!


    Tabella images contain many magical elements to stimulate ideas for manifesting on all levels of life. It can be illuminating to explore what we truly desire. We can go on to take a closer look at how we can go about achieving our aspirations, hopes and dreams. It can add layers of power and magic to express our wishes as affirmations – as though they already are or undoubtedly will manifest.


    The potential for playing and making up story games is endless. The simplest is a version of “pass it on” where each player chooses or is randomly dealt an agreed number of cards. One player begins with “Once Upon a Time” and others follow on in turn, bringing in their Tabella card associations as they keep the story rollicking on!


    Tabella cards can help direct our journaling in any style or format that feels right for us. Jotting down thoughts as they flash before us in a stream-of-consciousness type fashion – without too much attention to how they will look on the page or whether they will be appreciated by others – can be really freeing!


    Tabella can be brought in at times to offer some “scaffolding“ when people’s energy is scattered and emotions running high. Firstly, each person involved and any facilitating adults choose one card that expresses, in some way, what’s going on for them – what has occurred, how they are feeling…These become points of departure for (more or less) equal time sharing in round-robin fashion. More cards are picked in subsequent rounds for full discussion. In the final round, everyone can choose a card or two that suggests a way forward – some kind of resolution, what lessons have been learned, how they could approach the situation with a more positive contribution next time etc.


    We can commandeer Tabella cards at any time we wish to take a closer look at ourselves and our lives. We can reflect on our strengths and weaknesses and how these are contributing to our situation and draw on the breadth of card associations to work around the edges of any problem or concern. Even cards that we don’t necessarily feel bear relevance can offer surprisingly poignant, new perspectives while performing a 360 degree, “let’s turn this thing on its head” type appraisal!


    Through our Tabella cards, we can tap into an even more creative and imaginative flow of storytelling and story writing. We can become quite engrossed and achieve deep levels of insight when we allow our unconscious minds to take more of the stage and strut their powerful stuff…

    If we can put aside our shyness and take a step into the magical realms, we can consciously or randomly choose cards and allow colourful stories to emerge through them.

    It is not as difficult as we might think to allow this process (that usually occurred quite effortlessly for us as children) to be rediscovered. If we can simply relax and let the story go we can experience an extraordinary sense of creativity, connection and satisfaction.

    At we would love to read and even share some of your favourite Tabella stories.

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