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Bring stories to life with the 72 wonder-filled TABELLA Story Inspiration Card images. Stories rise up from every recess of our imagination; reflecting the vibrant landscape of our dreams, wishes and fears. There is infinite power and magic held within the tales that we tell, the ideas that we form and dialogues that we share.

TABELLA Story Inspiration Cards is an engaging family game for children and adults. The card images stimulate fun interactions around the creation of stories, both individually and co-operatively. Their rich and colourful artwork and broad base of psychological themes can also support meaningful everyday exchanges that prompt us to "check-in" with the people around us.

A simple example follows. At any time of the day parents and children can choose a card or two that reflects how their day is going or what may be dwelling in their consciousness. In Facebook speak, you might call it a "status update". Whether the sharing is whimsical or deep and transformative, TABELLA cards can comfortably contribute to strong family communications. They can also have a worthwhile function in conflict resolution, where the "shadow themes" within the deck support full and balanced exploration of the possible feelings, causes and catalysts for transformation.

TABELLA is a versatile and holistic educational resource that promotes creativity, narrative skill and emotional intelligence across a range of curriculum areas including literacy, drama and music. When used in supportive settings such as chaplaincy and psychology an advantage is that students are already familiar with the images and concepts through classroom use. This can also extend to other therapeutic settings.

Please enjoy entering the magical world that is known to all who venture there as 'TABELLA'!


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