• 1 Pick A Card

    Any card and say something. Whatever comes to mind. It can be a funny anecdote, a memory, a secret, a ditty… There’s no need to judge the relevance or value in what we say. We can simply trust that it’s a worthwhile expression of us and where we’re at.


    It can be enlightening to select cards around what we would like to bring into our day, such as the goal to action a procrastinated task. On the other end of the scale, the card could simply contain the waft of a notion we’d like to ponder.


    … With family and friends. Everyone chooses one or more cards that somehow denotes what’s gone on for them that day. As parents, we can formulate questions to guide our children’s conversations toward points of interest or concern. The meaningful dialogue prompted might reference any dreams, ideas, events, emotional states or feelings that the person wishes to share.

    NB While the cards are placed in four categories and can reflect some key themes, there are many sub-themes and details within the images that can speak to us very differently on diverse occasions. We should not feel pressed to bring in ‘Lion’ as a character, for example, when we can simply reference one of its projected traits (bravery, strength etc) or physical attributes.

  • 4 IT’S MY LIFE

    We can use Tabella as points for reflection in many contexts but also to trigger memories. It can be helpful to offer visual prompts (including Tabella visuals) when we hope to evoke stories within our older relatives.


    Tabella images contain many magical elements to stimulate ideas for manifesting on all levels of life. It can be very illuminating (not to mention, self-loving) to explore for ourselves what we truly desire. We can go on to choose additional cards and take a closer look at how we can go about achieving our aspirations and desires. It can add layers of power and magic to express our wishes as affirmations (as though they already are or undoubtedly will manifest).


    These can range from words of appreciation for all that we are grateful for to what we value most in a loved one.


    It can be worthwhile to put pen to paper on occasion and write about Tabella card images in any style or format that feels right for us. Jotting down thoughts as they flash before us in a stream-of-consciousness type fashion – without too much attention to how they will look on the page or whether they will be appreciated by others – can be quite freeing. We can use Tabella cards to help direct our writings in many ways. If we are so inclined, we can allow the cards to speak to us from the spiritual realms. It can be quite amazing when we are open to messages that can come down from our higher consciousness.


    Tabella can be brought in at times to offer some “scaffolding“ when people’s energy is scattered and emotions running high. In the first instance, to help steady the ship, each person involved and any facilitating adults can choose one card that expresses for them, in some way, what’s going on for them – what has occurred, how they are feeling… These become points of departure for (more or less) equal time sharing in round-robin fashion. More cards are picked in subsequent rounds for full discussion. In the final round, everyone can choose a card or two that speaks to them of a way forward – some kind of resolution, what lessons have been learned, how they could approach the situation with a more positive contribution next time etc.


    As we play and work with our Tabella cards, we will develop a greater intimacy. We can pull the same card on numerous occasions and it can contribute differently every time. Yet, we often will have cards that will come up with greater frequency and this can be suggestive of some of our core attributes, perspectives or even issues. We can commandeer Tabella cards at any time that we wish to take a closer look at ourselves, with greater honesty. We can even reflect on our strengths and weaknesses (opportunities and threats) and draw on the breadth of card associations to work around the edges of any problem or concern. Even cards that we don’t necessarily feel bear any real relevance can offer surprisingly poignant, new perspectives when performing a 360 degree “let’s turn this thing on its head” type appraisal!


    …..For pleasure and performance:

    Through our Tabella cards, we can tap into an even more creative and imaginative flow of storytelling and story writing. We can become equally (if not more) engrossed and achieve as deep (if not deeper) levels of insight when we allow our unconscious minds to take more of the stage and strut their powerful stuff…

    If we can put aside our shyness (which I find is largely a product of us having left creative story behind in our childhoods and lacking in practice) and take a step into the magical realms, we can consciously or randomly choose cards and allow colourful stories to emerge through them.

    It is really not so difficult to allow a process that usually occurred quite effortlessly for us as children to be rediscovered. If we can simply relax and let the story go we can experience an extraordinary sense of creativity, connection and satisfaction. It helps to try and hold back on preconceived ideas and judgements avoid what our stories should look like and negative appraisals of our craftsmanship. I believe that every word, thought and sentiment shared (in whichever ways we’ve chosen to express) is completely okay and valid.

    If you are finding it tricky to conceive of this, simply pick one card and “Once upon a Time…” it! It might be easier to choose a character from the yellow ‘Character’ subset and tell a simple, character-driven story in as little as a few sentences. I also suggest that unless you are a practiced storyteller, you don’t get too hung up on sticking to the traditional rules of narrative. Allowing the content to emerge and the flow to be maintained is perhaps more important (especially at first). You may be surprised at how you’ve already internalised the rules of simple narrative (we tell stories every day) and how these will fall back into place as you become more relaxed with it all. You might well have a smile on your face as you possibly share your story with children and adults alike. They will be tickled and mesmerised by hearing an adult engaging in storytelling. Your inner child might appreciate you for giving his or her story voice another opportunity too. I personally get passionately engaged with my stories (especially when I write them on my own). I laugh, I cry and express a whole range of emotions through my writing and my body. Once I’ve had enough of a story (and I don’t always finish them) I usually put them away for a time. When I come back to them, I’m often amazed by my imagination and the glimpses I get into my own words. Sometimes I feel as though I’ve inched a bit closer to my True North and become further aligned with my higher self, visions and values. We would love to read and even share some of your favourite Tabella stories. Own Your Own


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