The Gift [close window]

Somewhere in the desert lies a monumental structure, awesome by design, a rock of ages.

It has occupied its space for many thousands of years. It is a testimony to the brilliant minds and brave hearts that built it.

It reflects, inside and out, from every possible angle, that there is no end of possibility to what can be achieved.

It stands alone. It is its own support. It is sacred geometry and embodies divine perfection.

Who will play there? A pod of graceful, swift dolphins who have leapt out of their watery environment to explore another domain. It will be interesting!

They are searching for a special gift that awaits them, once they have found the secret entryway in to the largest and proudest of the pyramids.

They are, at first, overwhelmed by the size of this incredible structure and they know that it will take some time to simply walk around the dimensions of its base. They split off separately, in different directions to go on their own quest to find the secret doorway - If they only knew what it looked like?! Every facet, every row of stone looks the same and reveals nothing to their eyes and senses.

It is hot and they are feeling quite shriveled and parched out of the water. But they do not focus on their discomfort because they know that there is something of unfathomable value lying inside the pyramid. They send out extra-sensory signals to each other so that at all times, they are aware of each other's position.

Their target, - their end result - is clear in their minds and like the arrow that follows a calculated arc to meet its target, bang on centre, they hold a keen eye and intention on finding their way to their gift... Except the youngest dolphin, who is in her dream world and is off in her mind playing her own games.

But it is a complex maze in reality. There is one route that will lead directly to their prize but let's face it, their chances of navigating through the maze and without being waylaid or blocked are, well, defeating in a way. Defeating. Oh no! What to do? How to keep their morale up when the last thing they need to encounter on their already torturous journey is another structure designed to confuse and inhibit. Yet fortunately, dolphins do not possess this kind of logic and their sonar will undoubtedly, without fail, win the day and ultimately, their prize. They do have the power, the sense, the true nature to detect exactly where their gift is placed within the walls of the pyramid in Ibiza. Or is the pyramid called Ibiza? It's just their hunch. Perhaps the name holds a clue also. But for now they are using their sonar to firstly regroup - so that together they can stand and marvel at the first breathtaking sight of their gift. Such anticipation! The female, the mother in the pod, holds her breath and passes out but fortunately a cool breeze revives her in time because the father dolphin has, in the meantime, exactly pinpointed where it is and takes them straight to the stone that must be loosened to activate the secret door to open, only for him. His touch alone has been pro-programmed to begin their whole new journey, inside. It will be dark, I'm guessing - but let's not forget that even this does not deter a dolphin.

The reason why he has been chosen for this privilege is because he originated from Mars, from where the extra-terrestrial beings swooped down in their spaceships to assist the mortal men in their mission all those light years ago. He is a special dolphin but you would not know it in everyday life, only now that he is becoming an instrument, - a key you could say - in their journey.

As they all stand together in the heat of the day, counting on the blessing of some cool, magically healing and soothing air inside, in an instant the doorway is opened. At this point, the little girl dolphin pushes her way to the front, the little cheeky pants that she is - always ready to be in the middle of all the excitement. They are singular in their goal and reunited in body as well. Dolphins do know that it's more fun to play together most of the time. Wow! Wow! Wow! What an incredible place to stop and play a while. It is more spectacular than they had possibly dreamed of. What a playground! The tunnels and water wheels, poles and vaults are just what the dolphins can use to show off their sleek acrobatic capabilities. They each have their own special talents and favourite games and take turns at being the leader. It is the best fun that they'd ever known and they are teaching each other lots of new tricks, while there is nothing else around to distract them.

Do you know what? They have found their gift this day, without even realizing it at first. They had looked around the pyramid for some other kind of buried treasure, magical scrolls or other rarities but they somehow knew that all they needed was each other in their new home.

They have found their gift.

©Melina Maro 2013