Ibiza [close window]

My home is in the middle of a hostile desert, with a patch of green - an oasis that lines the path to my new place of abode - a pyramid called Ibiza.

The pyramid is at the heart of the area. Lay lines and star patterns coalesce here. As I sit in my new home my heart fills with its vibrations.

It reminds me of the days of my youth, as I was growing up on some other barren grounds. My parents were farmers and their work was plenty, with little time for reward or play. I was lonely.

Little did I know that even these seemingly lonely days with few other children of my own age around were actually golden years. I was kidnapped by pirates and taken far from my belonging-place. The men who kidnapped me were rough and tough and I grew to adulthood amongst them by adopting their ways and living on their means.

They were bound for an island where they had heard of a pyramid that held all the world's treasures within its impenetrable walls.

With the prize in mind the captain drove his crew through storm-tossed seas and treacherous waters, where every rock seemed ready to carve bites out of our hull. We followed the South Star through our sextant with only our goal in mind 'til we arrived, hungry and thin but keener than mustard!

Arrrrrrrrr! There were only enough boats for a few of us to make it safely to shore to the pyramid. Some others were forced to swim for their lives over the shipwrecked straits but I shed no tears. The more that would perish by natural means, the less my grisly work would be...

My crewmates and I struggled to the shore. What twisted fortune lay in store in this strange land? We did not yet know, yet our ears were struck by a wistful keening sound weaving a lament. It wasn't until the next day, after venturing from the relative comfort of our secure camp, that we discovered the source of these emissions: mandrake plants that had been damaged by a passing storm. The odd looking roots were partially uncovered and the semi-human babies inside, thus exposed, were howling in distress.

In the distance, adding to the brooding, almost malevolent feeling pervading the county's atmosphere, loomed the silhouette of three giant volcanoes, emiting sulphurous smoke which drifted high into the clouds.

It was not an unfamiliar sight or smell to the indigenous peoples and creatures. Even the mandrake babies grew uncommonly fat and strong from the swirling gasses. But to the hardy crew it was an unnerving phenomenon and they sensed that for all their cunning, power and dominance, there was another nearby force that could overcome them at any time.

It was with this feeling of trepidation that the crew made its way up the slopes that ran from the sea's shore. The captain had heard reports of the pyramid being to the north of the land, yet had no specific idea as to the exact direction. The crew was discussing which way to go when they glanced at a figure approaching from the distance.

A blue-skinned, tall and slender woman drew closer, capturing the men's eyes with her hypnotically swaying ambulatory. As she reached the party she raised her hand in greeting and with the other, offered an azure bottle and a wooden carving. The first mate stepped forward and seized the bottle roughly, then the carving. "'Tis water" he said. The woman smiled and they heard a voice within their heads. "Welcome strangers. My people offer you our sacred waters and the key to finding its replenishment throughout our land."

The crew could see strange, map-like symbols etched on the bottle. "I bring you directions to the treasure you seek so you may speed your journey through our land. Remember to walk in respect of our country though it is foreign to you. All that you need will be provided, but take not with greed or you may find yourselves gone awry. The treasure you seek may not be what you expect." And with that she turned from them and disappeared.

With this, an unusual hush came over the raucous revelers. The first mate, named Eronco stood forward, as though he had somehow been transformed by the gracious apparition. "Let us gather our supplies and make good this day. If you have heard the message as I have heard it, there is good fortune and much to celebrate ahead but we need to respect the laws of this land and the people and tread gently. Who will take off their boots, lay down their daggers and follow me?"

The Captain and crew stared at him as though he had suddenly changed colour or grown an extra limb. "What're you spouting Ronco? These rocks are hard and these blue savages, unpredictable. Mayhaps we'll find our treasure closer, thanks to their help, but they're just trying to protect their own. There'd be a new blue baby or seven in their villages, I'll vouch, were we to wander off the course they've given us."

Here the crew cheered, "Aye, we're here for the prize and we'll claim it 'fore long."

Said another, "But I've been long at sea and fancy what other spoils this land can give."

"Pipe down now," said the Captain. "We'll keep our boots and daggers but steer direct on the course. Eyes on the prize, Lads. There'll be time enough for wenching later".

Co-written by D. Rastrick and M. Maro