We would love to expand our library of short stories from Tabella contributors all around the globe. Watch out for new inclusions - from the hilarious to the sublime.

I have kicked the collection off with a couple that two of us penned one winter's day. We both decided to pick a few cards at random which became an active pile that we placed upside down, turning cards up from the top and writing what ever first came to mind. It took me a while to allow my thoughts to wander free in this "stream of consciousness" style and accept that the words that flowed were somehow "right".

I was pleasantly surprised by how, if I didn't stress about how I should link the new card concepts in, the connections would consistently form themselves in a way that built meaning on different levels.

This was even more marked in the story that was co-written by taking turns in writing a few lines each, in a similar vein. I first thought that two different personalities and perspectives would clash but it made for a fascinating adventure. While one of us would be trying to direct the story through detail or character study, the other would give in to playful randomness.

I hope that you also enjoy your Tabella journeys and don't feel shy to share :). We chose to leave our own stories "in the raw" but edit yours if you wish.

Ibiza  written by D. Rastrick and M. Maro (2013)

The Gift  written by M. Maro (2013)