Tabella Story Inspiration Cards

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TABELLA Story Inspiration Cards is an engaging family game for children and adults. The card images stimulate fun interactions around the creation of stories, both individually and co-operatively. Their rich and colourful artwork and broad base of psychological themes can also support meaningful everyday exchanges that prompt us to “check-in” with the people around us.


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    May I just start by saying thank you very much for allowing me to trial the cards in my class. It was a privilege to do so and a delight to see the reaction of the students as they allowed themselves to explore their minds and imagination in a way that they have previously been unable to do.

    I have been using the cards for the whole of term four in my class with a group of seven students who all have additional needs varying from Autism and Fragile X Syndrome to ADD and Downs Syndrome.

    Here are a few of the benefits which I found through using the cards as part of our English programme:

    Allowed students to have conversations who would not normally participate.
    Students who find it hard to “imagine” were able to be given Spoken, Gestural and Visual assistance via the card set so that they could create a magical world to speak of.
    I have a student in my class who is non verbal and rarely has anything that will stimulate him enough to create a positive reaction and yet the cards, with their great pictures and colours, allowed him to express his emotions of happiness, sadness and at times fear through the imagines and story tellings of the class environment.

    All in all I truly have loved having the chance to use these cards with my students and they are certainly something which is going to figure very heavily in my class programming from now on. I have also shown them at a professional development day at my school and my network and have provided them with the details of the cards; I will now also provide them with the cost, which is exceptionally reasonable I have to say.

    Richard Bumford MEd BA(Hons) PGCE
    Department of Education Western Australia

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