What to do when a TABELLA storyteller is not quite getting into the mood or scene or is drawing a blank when it's their turn? No-one should stay stuck when there's the option to ask: "Throw Me a Line". Players can read down the list of "lines" for their chosen card or be thrown one of the sample lines by another player. It is up to her/him as to whether she/he simply adds this line to the story or latches onto the inspiration and runs for gold!

These lively story prompts reflect the range of themes associated with each card. Some are funny. Some are sweet. Some are way out there! (I had great fun writing them, anyway).

There are many reasons why we can be reticent or shy when it's our turn to spout some words. We can surprise ourselves by our stories when we "get over ourselves" and allow the language of story to flow.

What makes storytelling so entertaining? To this day I do not know how I got away with sitting on the edge of my kid's beds, making up the biggest load of waft ever, and they would lap it up and ask for more! For me, the language of storytelling holds a rare magic. It can be poetic. It can be shocking, (comical, black, self-indulgent, crazy-woman, nerdy-guy, cheeky-child...). We can even ham it up with gesture or acting. It doesn’t matter what flavour our storytelling takes on because it's our own unique expression.

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